i’m ba-aaaaaack!

Irony kills me. Post-Miscarriage Period #1 showed up on June 15, exactly 1 month after the miscarriage actually began (May 15). Post-Miscarriage Period #2 showed up on July 14, exactly 2 months after I found out I was going to miscarry imminently (May 14). Hardy har har.

All that unpleasantness aside, I’ve been given the all clear to start trying again. This makes me happy!

When Post-Miscarriage Period #2 arrived, I called my Super Fertility Specialist (SFS)’s office and spoke to one of the nurses, letting her know it had arrived and I was expecting to re-start IUI this cycle. At first, she tried to convince me to wait yet ANOTHER month, because she claimed that the doctors prefer that a woman wait THREE cycles after a miscarriage. I tried to stay calm and not scream at her that I was SICK TO DEATH of waiting, after FOUR years and FOUR months of trying for another baby and one very sad miscarriage. I managed to calmly explain to her that my SFS had told me on the day we found out the pregnancy had stopped that he just wanted me to wait TWO full cycles, since my miscarriage was simply to expel a fertilized & implanted — but EMPTY — egg sac that stopped developing shortly after 4 weeks of pregnancy. It’s not like I was 10 or 12 or more weeks and lost an otherwise live and growing pregnancy.

She resisted. I insisted she talk to my SFS and get back to me.

And, man, I LOVE my SFS because sure enough the nurse called back and said, “OK, Dr. _____ said it was fine for you to go ahead and start IUI again this cycle.”

Ha! Ha ha HA!

I knew he would see it my way. I mean, honestly, I would’ve been happy to wait if my body had gone through a more traumatic miscarriage, but mine was about as simple and uncomplicated as they come (although it certainly wasn’t pleasant going through it), so it seemed silly to wait “just because.”

Unfortunately, as Super Man and I were looking ahead in our calendars at the week we’d be having IUI, we realized that the MAJOR-HUGE-STRESSFUL meetings he’s spent MONTHS preparing for are all happening that week, and specifically on the day that I would most likely ovulate and need to have IUI.

Nonetheless, I will not be deterred. (I’m good that way.) I’m taking Femara again, as I did for IUI attempt #3 when I actually FINALLY got pregnant, and I’ll start taking ovulation predictor tests on Sunday, and hopefully I won’t ovulate until after Super Man is done with the meetings and can relax and make it to his part of the appointment for IUI. And, if he can’t and the timing just won’t work for IUI, then we’re going to try like crazy on our own and hope that the pregnancy that didn’t make it at least got all the equipment working again and makes it easier for me to conceive without us having to do IUI.

Either way, I’m cool with it. As long as we can try again, with or without IUI, that’s good with me. I still believe our other baby is just waiting for the right time to manifest itself in my belly. So, I wait.

wishing on stars,

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