back to school

My beloved little Super Boy started second grade yesterday. 🙂

He was excited, and a little nervous. He confided to me when I woke him up in the morning that he REALLY wanted JUST ONE MORE DAY of summer.

I told him he’d get it on Labor Day.

He was so cute, getting his carefully selected outfit on. We made tie-dyed shirts together last week, and he wanted to wear one of the more colorful ones yesterday, with the spiral swirl (it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself).

He had showered Tuesday night, so after he ate his breakfast and got dressed, all we had to do was brush teeth, comb hair and wash face. He was ready before me; it was one of those rare school mornings when I opt to shower before dropping him off, which means I have to “get ready” (i.e., dry and style my hair, put on make-up, blah blah) before I drop him off, too, which takes FOR-EVER.

He patiently waited in the kitchen, watching his cartoons for a few minutes before we had to leave.

I took a few photos, like the one above, before we left the house. And then we drove the short few blocks to school. I had hoped we could walk or ride bikes, but it was raining (boo).

Super Boy could hardly wait to get out of the car when I pulled up to the curb. He was frustrated by the rain, which meant there wasn’t going to be the usual level of pre-school day play on the playground, but still oh so eager to find his friends. I was able to snap this picture of him up on the playground. I love this picture, despite the rain.

I knew he wouldn’t cry saying goodbye to me this year. He didn’t cry last year, or the year before that, either. The only year he cried a little was junior kindergarten, and even then it was just a few tears to go with his big excited grin to be starting school. I’m okay with that. I’d rather it be this way than hysterical sobs of sadness and terror every year on the first day.

And I didn’t cry either. This time. I did last year, but I didn’t let Super Boy see me – I waited until I got to the car. The year before that, I cried a little, too, but also in private. Junior Kindergarten I really cried. Openly. My baby was going to school for the very first time! It was an emotional day.

So, we both got through it pretty well this time.

We had discussed the night before what he felt was and wasn’t appropriate Mom-Goodbye Behavior this year, and he told me I could give him a hug, but no kisses. And I’m only allowed to call him by his full first name or his one self-approved shortened version of his first name in front of his classmates – I’m allowed to call him NONE of my myriad nicknames for him.

Thus, when it came time for us to say our goodbyes yesterday morning, I gave him a hug (not too showy though), told him quietly that I loved him, and bade him good day.

I fought the urge to yell, “Have a great day, Baba/Cute Butt/Poo!!”

But it was itching in the back of my throat the whole time, I tell you.

One thought on “back to school

  1. It is never too late to try something new. I know a woman who had always wanted to join the peace core and finally did so at the age of 75. Go for it! Life always has a way of setting us in the right direction and perhaps when you wanted to go before, it just wasn't the right time. That in no way means that this time isn't. Hooray for new experiences!


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