not good

So, I wrote early last week about how Super Boy was diagnosed with his first sinus infection in about three years, and how I was really sad to hear he had one, given that he had ONE BIG NON-STOP sinus infection from the time he was a baby until he was about 3-1/2 years old. And I mentioned that his doctor told me that his cough should be gone by the following Monday, which is tomorrow, even though Super Boy will still have another week of antibiotics left to take.

Well, guess what?

That cough?

Still not gone.

Still sounds awful.

He’s taken a week of antibiotics, of AUGMENTIN, no less, and he’s still coughing like he was a week ago.

So does that mean it’s NOT a sinus infection? Or just that the Augmentin isn’t working?

Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. This sucks.

Will be calling Dr. O tomorrow morning. 😦

One thought on “not good

  1. This might not be completely helpful, but thought I would throw it out there. Marco had coughed for a while (well who doesn't when in preschool), it had a terrible sound and it was not getting any better. We took him to the doctor for a completely different reason and as we were there I asked him to check his cough. He said his lungs were clear but that we should check for Pertussis. So they tested him and while he didn't have Pertusssis, he had Parapertussis, which is from the same family as Pertussis, just milder, no vaccination for it, just terrible sounding cough for a while (doctor said 4-6 weeks before it clears out). He also said antibiotics make him not contagious but do not necessarily change the course of coughing. It just needs to pass.I know you are probably in a totally different situation but wanted to mention it just in case. Take care and I hope your boy will be alright.


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