Seriously, my teeth are chattering right now. And I’m sitting in my kitchen fully dressed with the thermostat set at 70 degrees.

Southeastern Wisconsin – and much of the rest of the country – is in the grips of a major deep freeze, making spending ANY time outdoors nothing short of painful. I dread every single trip out the door, no matter what it’s for — taking Super Boy to or picking him up from school, running to the store, taking trash to the bin. You name it, it sucks. It involves wearing no fewer than 2 layers of clothing, and that’s not counting outerwear. And hats – don’t get me started. It’s not even worth doing one’s hair when you have to jam your head into a hat every time you so much as run the garbage out to the bin.

And we live in one of those charming old houses (circa 1895) that has a regrettably detached garage, so even just to warm up the car requires getting full-on decked out in outerwear to trudge out to the garage, back the van out of the garage so it’s right by the back door, and then letting it sit for a good 10 minutes to get toasty.

I’m not gonna lie: IT SUCKS.

And I’ve lived in Wisconsin – aka: The Frozen Tundra – my entire 36 years, so you’d think I’d be hardened to the frigid cold winters that last a solid five to six months by now.

Yeah. Not so much.

In fact, my greatest fantasy these days is moving away somewhere warm. I think back to when Super Man was laid off and interviewing with a Georgia-based company for awhile, and how STUPID STUPID STUPID I was not to encourage him to LEAP at the chance to relocate to the south! Of course, at the time, it was July. We were in the midst of a beautiful Wisconsin summer, and the thing I kept coming back to and that scared the bejeezus out of me as I pondered what life would be like in the southern U.S. was the presence of venomous snakes & spiders. All I could think of was that Super Boy and Super Dog would be dead within 6 months once exposed to completely foreign and deadly wildlife that we don’t have here in Wisconsin.

As I sit here freezing my arse off, all I can think is ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Given the choice between snowy, -10 degree winter days and poisonous snakes in my backyard, OF COURSE I’ll take the poisonous snakes! Hell, I’ll even keep one as a pet! This shit is ridiculous!

Perhaps I’d feel differently about winter if I was a big winter sports fanatic. However, in case it wasn’t blatantly apparent, I’m NOT. The only thing I enjoy doing in the winter is ice skating, and frankly, we have the Pettit National Ice Center 10 minutes from our house, so if I want to ice skate, I can do it when it’s 90 degrees out and I want to cool off in July. Wretched winter weather is not required for me to experience the joys of ice skating. So really, as far as I’m concerned, winter is not required. EVER.

The only time – ONLY time – I tolerate winter is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. See, I’m one of those poor saps who is totally enamored with the whole notion of a white Christmas, having experienced a white Christmas pretty much every one of my 36 years. But up until 12/24 and from 12/26 on, I’m DONE with the cold and snow and ready to move straight into summer.

I think being pregnant this year has made me even more sensitive to the cold. I literally can’t stand it. I shiver constantly, deep wracking shivers from the inner core of my body. I can’t help but fear that it’s going to send me into premature labor one of these days. I find myself dreaming of inventing a microwavable snowsuit that I can ensconce my expanding body in before I venture outside. If only it were that easy!

Anyhoo. Winter. I hate it. I’m dreaming of summer – CONSTANTLY.

Your freezing friend,

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